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Thursday, 16 Jul 2015
Violation of Article 6 - Right to a fair trial (Article 6 - Criminal procedure, Article 6-1 - Fair trial)

    (Art. 6) Right to a fair trial (Art. 6) Criminal proceedings (Art. 6-1) Fair hearing


    On the grounds of Article 6 of the Convention, the applicant complained of a lack of fairness of the procedure into several branches . He complains first not to have been informed of the opinion of the Attorney General in the proceedings before the Court of Cassation. It also complains of the solution adopted by the domestic courts , evidence of assessment mode , particularly expert reports , as well as the non- application in respect of certain legal provisions reducing pain. On this point, he criticizes in particular the Criminal Court of having no stay of execution of his sentence or commuted it to a fine , as he had done for one of his co-accused. In addition, it alleges a lack of reasons for decisions of domestic courts.

    6, 6-1

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