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Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015
Partially inadmissible Violation of Article 6+6-3-c - Right to a fair trial (Article 6 - Criminal procedure, Article 6-1 - Fair trial, Article 6-3-c - Right to defend himself with the assistance of a lawyer of one's choosing) (Article 6 - Right to a fair trial, Article 6-3-c - Free assistance of an appointed lawyer) Pecuniary damage - reparation (Article 41 - Pecuniary damage, Just satisfaction)

    (Art. 6) Right to a fair trial (Art. 6) Criminal proceedings (Art. 6-1) Fair hearing (Art. 6-3-C) Defence through legal assistance (Art. 6-3-C) Free legal assistance (Art. 35) Admissibility criteria (Art. 41) Just satisfaction-{general} (Art. 41) Just satisfaction (Art. 41) Non-pecuniary damage Positive obligations


    The applicant alleged that he was denied effective legal assistance in the context of an appeal in the Court of Cassation, because the lawyer who had been officially appointed by the Court of Cassation would not have submitted to the hearing, which would have resulted in the rejection of his appeal.

    6, 6+6-3-c, 6-1, 6-3-c, 35, 41

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