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Launch of Inside Police Custody 2 Comparative Report

04 Jan 2019: On 4 December, ICCL launched in Brussels a report 'Inside Police Custody 2: An Empirical Study of Suspects' Rights at the Investigative Stage of the Criminal Process in Nine EU Countries'. The formal launch was performed by Martina Anderson MEP.

The report is the product of a major research project across nine Members States over the past two years, which has examined the key issue of the protection of human rights in police custody across the European Union. The project is funded by an Action Grant under the Justice Programme (2014-2020) of the European Union.

This project has been an initiative of the JUSTICIA Rights Network, a joint initiative of 19 independent civil society organisations in 17 members states. The JUSTICIA Rights Network has been at the forefront of promoting implementation and awareness of EU procedural rights standards across the Union.

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