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Transposition Deadline for the EU Victims’ Directive

17 Nov 2015: Over 75 million people are victims of crime in the EU each year. The 16th of November 2015 marked the deadline for transposition of the EU Victims’ Directive into law in all EU Member States. This new piece of EU-level legislation establishes minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims.

The JUSTICIA European Rights Network acknowledges the recent legislative progress that has been made in advancing the rights of victims of crime across the EU. However, the Network also recognises that further legislative support and effective implementation of the rights in the Directive is required in order for it to realise its full potential for victims.

JUSTICIA Consortium Leader Mark Kelly commented “Effective implementation and transposition of the Victims Directive has the potential to establish a basic level of support and protection for all victims of crime. If fully implemented in practice, it should ensure that, regardless of where in Europe the crime occurs, victims are recognised, treated with respect and receive proper protection, support and access to justice. One cannot underestimate the potentially positive impact that implementation of this Directive can have on the lives of victims.”

To raise awareness of the rights contained within the Victims’ Directive, the JUSTICIA Network has produced an accessible comprehensive guide called Know Your Rights on the Victims’ Directive, which is currently available in several EU languages, namely: English, Estonian, Hungarian, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian and Slovenian on .

Emily Glen, ICCL/EUJusticia Communications Officer

JUSTICIA European Rights Network