Procedural Rights

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Stockholm Program—Swedish Procedural Rights Roadmap

Legal Aid Reform (Measure C2)

A proposal for this measure was presented by the European Commission in November 2013. It aims to set common minimum standards on the right to provisional legal aid for suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings when they are deprived of liberty and for provisional legal aid and legal aid for persons subject to proceedings pursuant to Framework Decision 2002/584/JHA on the European arrest warrant. A non-binding Recommendation was adopted by the European Commission on 27 November 2013, aiming to reinforce the right to legal aid in criminal proceedings. It says: "Member States should take appropriate measures to ensure that suspects or accused persons and requested persons are entitled to receive effective legal aid to ensure the right to a fair trial".

EU Legislation

Legislation will be adopted after the completion of negotiations between the Council and the Parliament. Background documentation can be found in the official documents section. Further information on the right to legal aid can be found here.

News & Analysis

This section contains links to news articles and analyses relevant to the EU proposals on Legal Aid Reform.

Official documents

The Commission published a legislative proposal on legal aid in November 2013. The Council reached its negotiating position in March 2015, and the Parliament in May 2015. Secret "trilogue" negotiations between the Commission, the Council and the Parliament are ongoing. A parliamentary vote on a text is anticipated in April 2016.

Submissions & Publications

This section contains publications by the JUSTICIA European Rights Network on legal aid in the European Union.

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