Training Resources

A range of training resources on the right of access to a lawyer are available on this page for use by legal practitioners, law and policy makers, rights holders and other interested stakeholders.


Know Your Right to a Fair Trial

The Know Your Rights project has been expanded to include a new educational animation on the right to a fair trial produced by the JUSTICIA network. This animation explains the procedural rights of suspected and accused persons in criminal proceedings contained within three EU Directives, i.e. Right to Interpretation and Translation, Right to Information and Right to Access a Lawyer. It will equip suspected and accused persons across Europe with the knowledge and tools they need to access the justice system and ensure their rights are upheld, contributing to realising the long-term goal of effective access to justice for all. This video will also be a useful tool for all key stakeholders within the criminal justice system, including, the police force, legal practitioners, governmental departments etc.

Know Your Right to a Fair Trial from ICCL Human Rights Film Awards on Vimeo.

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